In just the first week of the course, I’ve been exposed to world-class thought leaders speaking on critically emerging ethical issues of global impact in ways that transform hypothetical case studies to real-world dilemmas. Nowhere else could I have had the opportunity to engage in provocative dialogue with the Board President of Doctors Without Borders about the horrific ethical challenges and dilemmas the organization faces in war zones. A truly profound experience for a long-time nursing professor and biomedical researcher who has taught bioethics for many years. Nancy King Reame, MSN, PhD, FAAN, Director, Pilot Studies Resource of the Irving Institute for Clinical & Translational Research, Mary Dickey Lindsay Professor of Nursing (Emerita), Columbia University Medical Center

GBI summer school definitely exceeded my expectations. The guided tour to the United Nations Headquarters offered us an exciting opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes view of the UN at work. We visited the newly renovated General Assembly Hall, the Security Council Chamber, the Trusteeship Council Chamber, and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Chamber in the renovated Conference Building. We also learned about how the United Nations addresses issues such as human rights, disarmament, peace and security, and the Sustainable Development Goals, closely related to GBI’s mission. I found the field trip to be fantastic, and the summer program overall was extremely interesting and informative. All lecturers were extremely respected within their fields. My favorite lectures were those of Dr. Jonathan Garlick and Dr. Bruce Gelb. Dr. Garlick spoke about stem cells, CRISPR, and the possibility of same-sex couples being able to have biological children as a result of stem cell research, while Dr. Gelb spoke about the ethics of transplantation and organ trafficking. Dr. Gelb’s in-depth lecture about his contribution to a full-face transplant performed for the first time in the world at NYU Langone Medical Center was extremely interesting. Although these have been my favorites, there was not a single boring or non-engaging lecture. It was a truly interdisciplinary endeavor and my fellow participants were very cosmopolitan. I would recommend this summer program with no hesitation. Aidan Appleby, B.A. Psychology Candidate, University of Miami Coral Gables, USA

I teach undergraduate nursing students, students in the RN/BSN program track, and students who take my freshman seminar style course (Geography of Experience), and I am excited to incorporate the information I have learned in this summer program into my classes. As an Associate Professor of Nursing at Bloomfield College, it is critical to consistently remain on the cutting edge of new information, particularly in the area of bioethics as this is a relatively new field. Dr. Garlick’s lecture about “Ethical Considerations of Stem Cell Research: from Induced Pluripotent Cells to Gene Editing really resonated with me. Having read only superficially about CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats), Dr. Garlick’s presentation on cutting edge technology was palatable, encouraged questions, and stimulated conversation. In addition to discussing the science of CRISPR, he also introduced participants to the concept of “Civic Science”, which is a framework for understanding and fostering dialogue surrounding science while advocating for civic engagement and ensuring scientific literacy for the community at large. Lori Ann Palmieri, Associate Professor of Nursing at Bloomfield College USA

Having just completed the first week of GBI’s summer program in New York, I can honestly say that it has been an incredible experience. The opportunity to learn from, and interact with some of the best professors and doctors in their fields has been a privilege. Thus far, my favorite lecture was Dr. Orešković’s ‘Global Bioethics and Global Epidemics.’ Dr. Orešković emphasized the importance of perspective when dealing with matters of international bioethical importance, particularly in the case of HIV treatment in non-western countries. Often social stigma and fear are the factors that have the most powerful negative effects in HIV management. Dr. Orešković’s enthusiasm and ability to facilitate a very controversial conversation made this lecture truly enlightening. Acacia Sheppard, B.A. Politics Candidate, Mount Holyoke College, Malawi, Africa

GBI summer school has been an experience I will never forget. The dynamic lectures cover such an incredible range of topics. It is impossible to leave without having learned a considerable amount about bioethics and ethical concerns within a number of fields. My favorite lecturer was Dr. John Lawrence, who spoke about his work with Doctors Without Borders and the ethical issues that he faces regarding the intersectionality between international conflict, culture, and being a healthcare provider. The knowledge and perspective from not only the lecturers, but also the other students that I have gained throughout this program has been invaluable. I can’t wait to continue to explore, discuss, and debate with such engaging and passionate people. Alexis Woodhouse, B.A. Environmental Health Engineering Candidate, Columbia University, USA

After becoming a lawyer and being unsatisfied with practicing private law, I decided to turn to bioethics. Bioethics has given me the opportunity to combine law with other fields that attract me, such as sociology, psychology, and medicine. The summer school program organized by the Global Bioethics Initiative was exactly the introduction to bioethics that I was looking for. The program offers great lectures covering a broad range of subjects, allowing discussions and exchange of ideas. I highly recommend this summer school program. Manon Clayette, Catholic University of Lile, France

The two-week summer school has given me the opportunity to reflect on current and future challenges in the transdisciplinary field of global bioethics. Lectures on bioethical theory, reproductive health, global epidemics, humanitarian action, genetics etc. have exceeded my expectations by far and networking possibilities have added further value to the learning experience. Discussing bioethical topics with highly motivated individuals from across the world and from various disciplines has been an enriching experience I would not want to miss.  Johanna Kostenzer, PhD Candidate in Political Science at University of Innsbruck, Teaching and Research Assistant in International Health and Social Management at Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

I found this program from my adviser, Dr. Malchoff, and I did not think it would be as engaging, informative, and educating as it has proven to be this past week and a half. The lectures never fail to take my breathe away with their intriguing, controversial topics involving the medical and ethical communities. Although the lectures are long, every second of every oration has had me at the edge of my seat. Global Bioethics Initiative is truly global. Not only are the topics relevant on a global level, but the perspectives each attending person brings to the table contribute enormously to the learning experience. Regardless of how controversial the topics may be, no one is afraid to speak up and bring forth imperative questions. We may all share opinions, and we all possess differing opinions, yet we consistently have our minds open to allow the expansion of our horizons. Being in a learning atmosphere with such intelligent, inspiring individuals is an absolute privilege and honor. I have never met so many people from different backgrounds in a single room before, from philosophers to biomedical engineers, professors, students to medical doctors. My only grief is that there are not enough programs that are half as informative, cogent, insightful, and diverse as the Global Bioethics Summer Program.  Connor Preen Senior in High School, Avon Old Farms School, USA

I was looking forward to the Global Bioethics Initiative’s summer program and it has been a great educational opportunity for me. This experience has been very enriching, the program has fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations in every possible aspect. I had the chance to exchange ideas with a very interesting and diverse group of participants and notable speakers from the US. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in global bioethics as it definitely opens your mind in a very unique and inspirational way. Nathalia Balderas, Master in Bioethics, Universidad Panamericana Mexico City.

I wanted to complement my legal studies with what has been a concern of mine these past years: bioethics. But, before getting engaged with the Masters in Bioethics Program from Columbia University, I wanted to get a deep insight into the current global bioethical issues that affect us; that’s how then I learned about the Global Bioethics Initiative Summer School in NY and applied. It has been two weeks of much learning, reflection and intense dialogue. The quality of the speakers and students have set the bar pretty high. I would totally recommend this program to anybody that wants to enter the field of bioethics. Jorge Luis Rivera Agosto, J.D., M.S. in Bioethics Candidate from Columbia University in the City of New York

One of the main reasons I decided to attend Global Bioethics Initiative’s Summer Program is to learn more specifically about the nature of global bioethics. We are all global citizens of the world and I learned so much more about our global populations and their ethical issues. The presenters were experts in their field and challenged us all to think. It is difficult to choose one particular lecture since they were all so thought provoking, from stem cell research, gene editing, ethical issues in international research, global epidemics, religious traditions and impact on bioethics, organ harvesting, ethics of transplantation, and the list goes on. I have been in the clinical and academic nursing field for over 25 years but I learned so much from every single presentation. Esma Paljevic EdD, RN, CPNP, Assistant Professor, Lienhard School of Nursing, Pace University