Internships @ GBI

Global Bioethics Initiative accepts applications for unpaid internships for students interested in bioethics. These internships provide students with the opportunity to learn about pertinent issues in global health and bioethics and gain skills in research, project management, and organizing events. Candidates interested in interning with GBI should contact the Executive Director, Dr. Ana Lita.

Our Motto: We Strive for Excellence!

What to Expect

Global Bioethics Initiative has an opportunity for up to six interns to promote its events and assist the director in various activities.

The work will include:

  • Advancing the understanding of various issues by conducting research
  • Learning how to blog recent articles in bioethics
  • Learning how to plan, organize and conduct events
  • Improving the ability  to communicate with stakeholders, sponsors and donors
  • Learning various administrative skills including updating and managing websites (wordpress)

Flexible schedule: design your weekly schedule and length of internship! The Executive Director of the Initiative, Dr. Ana Lita, is a former professor of Philosophy/ Applied Ethics and is willing to work with students to accommodate university or departmental requirements for internship credit.

Past Interns

2015 Interns

(L to R: Yasmine Karma, Jessica Haushalter, Grace Kim, Remy Servis, Eija Lindroos, and Andrew Scherffius)


2015 Interns

(L to R: Remy Servis, Eija Lindroos, Jessica Haushalter, Agata Ferretti, Yasmine Karma, Grace Kim, and Andrew Scherffius)


2015 Interns

(L to R: Kristina Jacobsson, Remy Servis, Grace Kim, Yasmine Karma, and Kaitlyn Schaeffer)


2014 Interns

(L to R: Marc Beuttler, Noushaba Rashid, Kailyn Schaeffer, Evangelia Lazaris, and Chiru Murage)


2014 Interns

(L to R: Abrigul Akbarshoevna, Evangelia Lazaris, Chiru Murage, and Rebecca Moore)


2012 Interns

(L to R: Sebastian Agredo, Ana Lita, Brian Chen, and Richard Mezzacappa)


2012 Interns

(L to R: Ana Lita, Alejandra Garcia, Brian Chen, Steven Gregory, Nghi Van, and Sebastian Agredo)


2011 Interns

(L to R: Nazia Nayeem, Christopher Chau, Marianne Goddard, Blake Goodman, and Mark Ho)


2011 Interns

(L to R: Christopher Chau, Marianne Goddard, Ana Lita, Blake Goodman, and Nazia Nayeem)


2009 Interns