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Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI) is dedicated to fostering public awareness and understanding of bioethical issues, and to exploring solutions to bioethical challenges.
Through its events and activities, which include annual summer schools on global bioethics, GBI seeks to keep the international community, policy decision-makers, the media, and the general public aware of important bioethical issues which is essential for making informed decisions and fostering public debate. Using various platforms, we at GBI are able to promote our motto “Doing bioethics in real life!”.
GBI is an active member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and enjoys a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the UN’s central platform for debate, reflection, and innovative thinking on sustainable development.
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Call for Applications Deadline Extended:
Bioethics Summer Programs 2016

What would you prefer this summer?

The multicultural and sparkling life of New York City or the lovely Pearl of the Adriatic (Dubrovnik)?

Click on Apply Here below for more information, or simply reply to this email!

Students may intern with GBI during the summer of 2016 as well as attend the summer programs.

Partial Scholarships for low-income country residents & Continuing Medical Education credits are available

Manhattan, NYC – July 11-22, 2016
Extended Deadline: July 5The registration fees are 100% tax deductible
Apply Here
Dubrovnik, Croatia – August 5-14, 2016
Deadline: July 10
Apply Here
Rita Charon, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Director of Program of Narrative Medicine; Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center
Honoring the Stories of Illness
Thurs, July 21, 6:00 – 7:15pm
A cocktail reception will follow, TBDWhere:
New York Society for Ethical Culture – Ceremonial Hall
2 West 64th Street (at Central Park West)
New York, NY 10023
RSVP to Ana Lita
Phone: 212-687-3324 | Fax: 212-661-4188
Purchase Tickets Here: $25.00 (tax exempt)
Three-person babies IVF technique is ‘safe’
Imagine having three parents, all genetically responsible for your existence. This phenomenon has been a reality in the UK since October 2015 and allows women with serious genetic disorders to have healthy babies. In a normal pregnancy, mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to child – it’s completely maternal. This puts women with mitochondrial genetic disorders at high risk of passing their disorder on to their child. Read the full article here.
U.S. to Invest $200 Million to Shorten Organ Transplant Wait Lists
The U.S. government, led by the Department of Defense, announced plans on Monday to invest $200 million to help shorten the waiting list for organ transplants.It is designed to support technologies aimed at repairing and replacing cells and tissues, says Jeff Zients, director of the White House National Economic Council. Read the full article here.
GBI Ongoing Internship Program
Global Bioethics Initiative accepts applications for unpaid internships for students interested in bioethics. These internships provide students with the opportunity to learn about pertinent issues in global health and bioethics and gain skills in research, project management, and organizing events. Candidates interested in interning with GBI should contact the Executive Director, Dr. Ana Lita at alita@globalbioethics.org. Read more here. Students may intern with GBI during the summer of 2016 as well as attend the summer programs.
Summer School 2016 Interns’
“In my time at GBI, I have gained so many skills that will help me in any career I pursue. I have become more organized due to strict record-keeping, and I have learned how to use WordPress in some depth from working so long on the GBI website. My writing has gotten better from reading and summarizing articles as well. I have also gotten better at networking due to all of the amazing events we go to. Most of the events we attend are hosted by IPI, as they are on the top floor of our building. However, we also attend events at the UN, which we get access to because of GBI’s consultative status with the UN.” – Aiden Appleby, B.A. Psychology Candidate, Univeristy of Miami, USA
“I thoroughly enjoy working for GBI and Dr. Lita. As interns, we get lots of project management experience and are able to be fully involved in the planning and execution stages of GBI events. Additionally, we get to participate in and learn a lot about administrative work and programming. It is also amazing working within the United Nations community and being able to attend events, debates, and panels in and around the UN headquarters. This experience has been wonderful, and I’m excited to continue working with GBI!” – Alexis Woodouse, B.A. Environmental Health Engineering Candidate, Columbia Univeristy, USA
Pictures and Videos
Check out our Summer School Website 2016 for details about the application process, lectures, field trips, documentary screenings, as well as photos with faculty and students in 2015. Watch a video clip made in 2015 by our youngest summer school participant, Syra Mehdi interviewingProfessor Jonathan Moreno.
Global Bioethics Initiative
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