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The Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life in vulnerable populations globally, through research, education and policy change recommendations. GBI concentrates on disparities over international lines which often lead to poor health and needless loss of life.
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Posted on 26 Nov 2015

By Kaitlyn Schaeffer
Following a Dateline Documentary that aired in September 2015, Belgium’s struggle with its controversial euthanasia legislation has exploded. The law allows people to voluntarily have their lives ended by doctors even when they’re not terminally ill, so long as they are experiencing “incurable, unbearable suffering.” Since the law was passed, the number of patients seeking death for mental suffering has skyrocketed. Even children can elect to end their …

Posted on 19 Nov 2015

By Rimah Jaber
At the Cleveland Clinic, doctors are leading new transplant operations with an organ rarely donated – the uterus. To ensure success of uterus transplants, specialists from both reproductive medicine and transplant surgery have been recruited.
The Cleveland Clinic expects to be the first in the United States to perform a uterus transplant in order to help women without one become pregnant, and in the best case scenario, give birth. …

Posted on 19 Nov 2015

By Ellen Arkfeld
Congratulations to the excellent team at NYU Langone Medical Center! We are inspired by the team’s unique medical achievement of the most extensive face transplant and proud of the contribution of one of our honorable GBI Board of Directors’ members, Dr. Bruce Gelb.
NYU Langone Medical Center has announced the success of the first full-face transplant.  The surgery is also the first of its kind to be performed on …

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