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The Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life in vulnerable populations globally, through research, education and policy change recommendations. GBI concentrates on disparities over international lines which often lead to poor health and needless loss of life.

Special screening event of “Tales from the Organ Trade” in partnership with HBO Documentary Films Division, October 28, 2013

Posted on 16 Apr 2014

By Zoe Martina Siegel

95 percent of Americans subscribe to believing in organ donation; however, only 40 percent of qualified donors actually register. Dr. Jason T. Siegel, PhD, a lead researcher of Claremont Graduate University, has found that there is a significant difference between people who feel strongly about organ donation and people who feel strongly about signing up as a donor. Why is there a large variance between the attitudes …

Posted on 12 Apr 2014

By Kaitlyn Schaeffer

Two new studies in the most recent edition of The Lancet suggest progress in the transplantation of lab-grown organs. “They both show that by using fairly simple tissue engineering techniques, you can get real tissue forming where it’s supposed to,” said Dr. Margin Birchall of University College London. The simple engineering methods utilized by both studies can be applied to grow other organs, such as the esophagus, bowels, …

Posted on 11 Apr 2014

By Kayla Santos

Using stem cells, scientists at London’s Royal Free hospital have been able to create body parts including noses, ears and even blood vessels. The organs have even been used in replacement surgeries for a small number of patients so far. Scaffolds for the organs are made from a type of polymer material; the stem cells from the patient are grown in lab and then placed on the scaffold. …

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