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The Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life in vulnerable populations globally, through research, education and policy change recommendations. GBI concentrates on disparities over international lines which often lead to poor health and needless loss of life.

Special screening event of “Tales from the Organ Trade” in partnership with HBO Documentary Films Division, October 28, 2013

Posted on 16 Sep 2014

By Zoe Martina Siegel
There is a push for greater knowledge regarding organ transplants and donation in Saudi Arabia. Abdul Aziz Al-Turki, the chairman of Ethar, reminded the public of how important these issues are: “A single brain-dead patient can save the lives of nine other patients who are in dire need of different vital organs.”
Prince Saudbin Naif, the Eastern Province Governor,also supports this awareness campaign. He plans to host lectures and …

Posted on 10 Sep 2014

By Abrigul Lutfalieva
Face transplantation is an important recent development in reconstructive surgery for patients who have suffered the partial or whole loss of their face due to illness or injury. Recently, the Russian Health Ministry indicated that it will expand the list of transplantable body parts to enable face transplants.
In anticipation of this expansion, a group of doctors and scientists from St. Petersburg Medical University have been using corpses and …

Posted on 10 Sep 2014

By Kaitlyn Schaeffer
Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have made a breakthrough for regenerative medicine. One of the most serious problems associated with getting artificial  kidneys to function in the body of a recipient is the tendency of the recipient’s blood vessels to close, preventing the transplanted organ from receiving blood. The scientists, using human-sized pig kidneys, have developed the most successful method to date of keeping these blood vessels open.
“Until now, lab-built kidneys …

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