Successful Launch of the 2nd Edition Global Bioethics Summer Program in Manhattan,  NYC 2016!

Interested in getting involved in bioethics? Join Global Bioethics Initiative’s summer program organized annually in Manhattan, NYC and Dubrovnik, Croatia, to discuss controversial issues such as embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, gene therapy, human genetic engineering, organ trafficking, euthanasia, and human enhancement, among others.

Our notable faculty and eager participants are exceptional, with complex multicultural and educational background and experience. Over the past couple of days in Manhattan, we have enjoyed lectures and film screenings during the week as well as field trips on the weekend.

Here are some testimonials from the international participants of our Manhattan session, July 11-18, 216.

“As a biomedical engineer working in research at the Hospital Universitario La Samaritana in Bogota, Colombia, I have experience in structuring, reviewing and presenting research proposals. I decided to attend the Global Bioethics Initiative summer program to inform myself about the current bioethical issues facing the scientific community, so that I could apply that knowledge to my own work in order to make better informed decisions. The program has far exceeded my expectations. We have had lecturers speak to us about topics ranging from human stem cell culture to in-vitro fertilization to forced human organ trafficking. The expertise of those involved has allowed me to grow personally, and the networking opportunities have been priceless. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us in this once in a lifetime opportunity.”
Luis Martinez, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Bogota, Hospital Universitario La Samaritana

“I was motivated to attend the Global Bioethics Initiative Summer School in Manhattan because of my desire to expand my knowledge of the bioethical issues that surround us. This summer school program has completely fulfilled all of my expectations. The lectures offered discuss interesting issues that arise in both the medical and the scientific fields.
One of my favorite lectures was about the organ transplants happening in China. This talk gave me the opportunity to learn about a topic I had little knowledge about. I would recommend this program to anyone that would like to further their knowledge of global bioethical issues. ”
Kim Perreard, B.A. Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Candidate, Heythrop College, University of London

“I  have really enjoyed all the lectures thus far. My favorite lecture was presented by Dr. Shirin Karsan who talked about Religion and Bioethics. As a high school senior, I will be writing a paper on religion in the fall, so this lecture helped me learn more about the impact of religion on the global community. Religion is a key topic in ethics. Karsan powerfully stated, “No matter what the religion, what the culture, or what part of the world you’re living in, an important thing to keep in mind is that we may or may not believe in a higher power, but if you do believe in a God, there is a huge code of ethics that goes along with that belief.”  Thinking of this in terms of medicine and biology is fascinating, as we not only need to consider secular ethical values, but religious ones as well.”
Jack Beaumont, Senior in High School, Green Farm Academy

“I have always had a passion for medicine, and my goal is one day to attend medical school. Despite my previous medical experience, I have never explored the ethical side of medicine. When I first heard about the GBI summer school, I knew it would be an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. Even having only completed half of the program, my view on the world has already changed. One of my favorite lecturers thus far, Madeleine Shachter, made me realize that the scientific research we do to help others can sometimes do more harm than good to those without a strong voice. Another lecturer that I really loved, Dr. John Lawrence, taught me that the job of a healthcare provider is to treat patients no matter who or where they came from, saying that “Judgment doesn’t belong in healthcare.” Both of these lecturers supplied me with knowledge that I will hopefully apply to my own medical career one day. I have learned that in order to change the world, we need to consider everyone, as every human life is of equal importance. I’ve had a great experience so far, and I look forward to the remainder of the program.”
Molly Blaustein, Senior in High School, Ramaz Upper School

“I decided to participate in the Global Bioethics Initiative Summer School Program in Manhattan because I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to delve into the topic of bioethics, while learning with a diverse group. Such a diverse group of students catalyzed deep, intellectual discussions on pertinent bioethical dilemmas, which will be invaluable in continuing my education.
One of my favorite lectures was Damon Noto’s talk: “Organ Harvesting from Executed Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience in China”. It was followed by the documentary “Hard to Believe”. Together, the lecture and documentary opened my eyes and inspired me to get more involved in foreign and international affairs.”
Genevieve Lewis, Senior in High School, Blair Academy

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