By Alexis Vaujany

In response to the atrocities committed by Nazi doctors in WWII, the Declaration of Geneva or Physician’s Oath was drafted. Since its creation, only minor changes have been made. The World Medical Association (WMA) (representing 112 National Medical Associations) is calling for a necessary update.The medical environment and global society has radically evolved and the 67 year old oath is not in line with the current values and ethical dilemmas of today’s society. Among several examples which confirm WMA’s point, the principles of Consent and self-determination are the most evident. These principles are at the forefront of modern day medical practice, but are not mentioned in the Hippocratic Oath.

Redrafting this oath will not be an easy task. During the past 67 years, there has been a lot of medical progress and changes. Hopefully, the international working group entrusted with making these changes will take into consideration the various global challenges when making revisions.

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