By Kaitlyn Schaeffer

54-year-old Nicolas Bonnemaison has been convicted of killing a patient in a high-profile trial in France. He was charged with the deaths of seven elderly patients. He was found guilty on six of those counts. He received a two-year suspended sentence. Prosecutor Olivier Tcherkessof said that the doctor is “not a killer,” but he is still responsible for the deaths of his patients.

Bonnemaison’s conviction came amidst a heated debate in France regarding euthanasia, and the conviction was controversial. Many of his deceased patients’ relatives supported their peaceful deaths.

“Medicine is my life, my patients are my life and I miss them,” Bonnemaison told the jury. “I acted as a doctor and I say this to you with a great deal of sincerity.”

However good the intention may have been, he still purposefully brought about the deaths of seven individuals. He did so without consulting his colleagues and ignored basic hospital rules and protocol.

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