By Kaitlyn Schaeffer

A fourteen-year-old girl who was born via in vitro fertilization was ordered by a high court in London to stay in touch with her biological father and his father’s civil partner.

The girl lives with her mother and her mother’s civil partner. She has had very little contact with her biological father and his partner, and did not wish to spend more time with them. The girl’s biological mother also argued against forcing the girl to have a relationship with her fathers. However, the judge thought it would be in her best interest to spend more time with them. He noted that the men “wish to emphasize that they love [her]” and they are seeking this order for indirect contact “in the hope that it will happen, maintain a link with the children on which, they hope, further relationship will be built.”

He further emphasized, “I remain clearly of the view that the fathers have something of real value and importance to add to the lives of the girls.”

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