By Amy Xia

Transparency Market Research recently published an analysis of the steadily growing organ preservation solutions market.

The organ preservation solutions market plays a large role in procuring organs. Organ preservation techniques allow organs to be kept and protected once they have been removed from the human body. The preserved organs can then be used for transplants or research.

The two main techniques of organ preservation are hypothermic perfusion preservation (HPP) and static cold storage (SCS). Of these two, the former is preferable because it does a better job of keeping organs viable.

There has recently been an increase in demand for organ preservation solutions; this is due primarily to a greater need for organs for transplantation. More people need organs for a variety of reasons: diseases, injuries, unhealthy lifestyles, and old age are just a few of the most common.

The organ preservation solutions market is expected to grow by 16.5% between 2013 and 2019; the majority of this growth is expected to be concentrated in Europe and North America. Market revenue is predicted to reach $204.9 million by 2019.

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