By Zoe Martina Siegel

There is a push for greater knowledge regarding organ transplants and donation in Saudi Arabia. Abdul Aziz Al-Turki, the chairman of Ethar, reminded the public of how important these issues are: “A single brain-dead patient can save the lives of nine other patients who are in dire need of different vital organs.”

Prince Saudbin Naif, the Eastern Province Governor,also supports this awareness campaign. He plans to host lectures and circulate flyers to spread information. 
Sheikh Khaled Abdulkarim, a legal counsel and member of the Al-Sahafa committee (a committee created to increase the number of donors), reminded the public that organ donation is, in fact, lawful in Islam in an attempt to ease any unsettling feelings potential donors might have toward such a beneficial process.
With 15,000 patients in need of kidneys and only 50 donors a year, educating the public about this dilemma is necessary first step. 
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