Following a month-long investigation into a case involving the trafficking of five individuals for the purpose of donating kidneys in Thailand, police have two in custody.

Yem Asisal and her stepfather, Nhem Phally, were apprehended on Tuesday at their home in Phnom Penh after five of their victims filed complaints, according to the chief of Phnom Penh Municipal Anti- Human Trafficking Police. “This is the first case of organ trafficking that our forces have suppressed,” he said. “They face charges of people trafficking for the purpose of organ removal.”

The complaints claim that the offenders lured the victims into selling their kidneys and sent them to Thai hospitals for the removal. They also forged documents for the victims at the hospitals. Even though they were promised 10,000-13,000 USD, the victims only received between 3,000-5,000 USD.

“Under the kingdom’s law, they face jail terms between seven and 15 years,” he said.

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