By Noushaba T. Rashid

Human organs don’t smell that bad in Ukraine Militia from Slavyansk found hundreds of National Guard soldiers’ corpses during a night reconnaissance operation according to many social media outlets recently. These soldiers appeared to have their stomachs ripped open and had their organs removed. In addition this horrifying discovery, many living in this region of high conflict have seen armored and special vehicles, ambulances and armored cash collection vans near hospitals of the Ukrainian army. There is some doubt to this story however. Some claim that this fake propaganda is aimed at discrediting Ukrainian authorities. There is also doubt that the Ukrainian medicine can save the lives of the wounded. There is no free medical treatment, all patients must pay, including soldiers. Unlike many other nations where the soldiers reeve free medical treatment, the new Ukrainian army has little money to spare, they barely have enough for food, uniforms, and equipment. This story may have started due to a message which was posted on a social network a few weeks ago. A wife of a wounded soldier stated that she would sell her apartment for $5,000 for her husband to receive surgery. People are desperate. There is no current system to register the dead. Kiev authorities simply do not establish a cause of death for everyone. This led a few to believe that there is no reason to waste these seemingly healthy bodies. The black market for organs is now an option. This is very similar to what had happened in Kosovo in 1998. A Maidan coup in Ukraine was successful enough to develop “black transplantology”. This brings in the most money. With industrial production dropping by 20%, a dead body can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars. With this mentality, there is a reason why these organs do not stink. It is all money, and money, after all, does not stink.

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