By Caroline Song

Space Coast Daily reports on the efforts of Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) in his efforts to raise funding for kidney dialysis patients in an article titled, “Foot Prints’ Raised 35K for Kidney Dialysis Patients.” This is the third annual run of “Foot Prints in the Sand” Kidney Beach Walk in Cocoa Beach, Florida, presented by the National Kidney Foundation of Florida. This year Posey led the walk, and has also been a part of the walk since the beginning in 2011. As part of his efforts to raise awareness about organ donation/transplantation, Posey hopes to rectify legislation in order to protect the cost of immunosuppressive medications. After three years, Medicare will only cover a portion of the medication. The walk begins with a “Circle of Life” paddle out, a Zumba class, and is all followed by the non-competitive 5K walk, “Footprints in the Sand.” The day concludes with a “Sand Castles of Hope” contest for kids. The National Kidney Foundation of Florida hosts seven walks all over Florida and gives away around $14,000 to those who are having a hard time with bills, transportation to dialysis, or even groceries. The National Kidney Foundation is a voluntary organization all over the United States and works to prevent kidney and urinary tract disease, to improve the health and well being of those affected by those diseases, and to increasing organ availability. The primary focus is on prevention, awareness, and treatment by providing public kidney health screenings, public and professional education, patient services, and research.

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