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Call for Abstracts: Age & Longevity in the 21st Century: Science, Policy & Ethics

The three day conference, “Age and Longevity in the 21st Century: Science, Policy, and Ethics”, sponsored by Global Bioethics Initiative, offers a unique opportunity to call attention to the impact of new technologies on the global profile of aging and longevity. By facilitating expert discussion in a unique setting regarding broad-based perspectives on these topics, the conference [...]

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World Health Organization to Study Healthy Aging

The World Health Organization (WHO) (an organization that operates as part of the United Nations), has announced plans to study important issues in health and aging. Under The Global Online Consultation on Research Priority Setting for Healthy Aging, the WHO will accumulate data to measure what issues and factors must be considered when formulating policy, as [...]

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Physician-Assisted Suicide: Moral Rights, Constitutional Law and Self-Determination

By Michael S. Dauber, MA, GBI Visting Scholar The New York Court of Appeals recently rejected the argument that the state constitution violated an individual’s autonomous rights of self-determination in blocking physician-assisted suicide. The suit had alleged that a law making it a criminal offense to assist an individual in committing suicide would not apply [...]

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Paolo Macchiarini, Fraud, and Oversight: A Case of Falsified Stem Cell Research

by Michael S Dauber, GBI Visiting Scholar According to a recent story by John Rasko and Carl Power in The Guardian, surgeon Paolo Macchiarini’s research in artificial windpipes, previously hailed as pioneering medicine with the promise to save many lives, has been exposed as a fraud. Miacchiarini had previously received public praise for creating artificial [...]

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Cells Are the New Cure: The Cutting-Edge Medical Breakthroughs That Are Transforming Our Health by Robin L. Smith, MD and Max Gomez, PhD

Book Reviewed by Michael S. Dauber, MA Cells Are The New Cure, written by Robin Smith, MD, and Max Gomez, PhD, is a book about the history of medical research on cells, both human and non-human, and recent developments in these techniques that have made cellular medicine one of the most promising fields for therapeutic [...]

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Canadian Law that Excepts Religious Hospitals from Offering Assisted Deaths Disputed by Dying with Dignity

The Canadian not-for-profit Dying with Dignity is considering challenging provincial Ontario legislation that permits religiously affiliated hospitals to refrain from offering medically assisted death. Under current Ontario law, hospitals, hospices and long-term care centers that wish not to facilitate assisted death may refrain from doing so, and are instead obligated to transfer the patient to an alternative willing [...]

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Artificial Womb Maintains Lamb Preemie Lives, Signals Hope for Human Preemie Care

Using an artificial womb, a team of researchers affiliated with the University of Western Australia have effectively incubated premature lambs for seven days, signaling potential future advancements for human preemie care options. The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a paper this past week detailing the ex-vivo uterine environment (EVE) therapy technique devised by the researchers, which involves [...]

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Chimpanzees First Animal to Display Markers of Alzheimer’s

Researchers at Kent State University have found that aged chimpanzees develop brain characteristics that resemble those found in brains of humans with early Alzheimer's disease. Nature has suggested that the "findings from humanity's closest relatives could help researchers to understand why people develop dementia, as well as suggest that caretakers of aging, captive chimpanzees watch them closely for behavioural [...]

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CRISPR, Pigs, Organs, Ethics: Some Key Considerations

Michael S. Dauber, M.A., GBI Visiting Scholar Luhan Yang and members of her research team at eGenesis have taken a crucial step in growing organs in animals that may be used to provide organs for therapeutic transplants in humans, according to a study published in Science Magazine on Thursday, August 10th. Researchers involved in the study used CRISPR, a genetic editing technique, [...]

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Few Americans Plan For End-of-Life Decisions, Even If They Are Sick

Michael S. Dauber, MA, GBI Visiting Scholar Many moral dilemmas faced by clinicians, patients, and their families arise when individuals have not made plans for the end of their lives or discussed their wishes with their loved ones. To prevent and mitigate these issues, ethicists have suggested for decades that individuals should complete documents such [...]

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