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Australian Parliamentarians Unite to Address Forced Organ Harvesting

By Chiru Murage A group of Australian politicians from different parties have united under the name Parliamentarians Against Forced Organ Harvesting (PAFOH) to raise awareness across the world about this emerging issue. The newly formed group met for the first time on July 16 this summer on lifting the rate of organ donation in Australia [...]

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Aging Muscles May Just Need a Little ‘Love Hormone’

By Marc Beuttler A new study in mice suggests that the hormone oxytocin, often associated with the “warm fuzzy” feelings in psychology, counteracts age-related decline of old muscles. By injecting oxytocin under the skin of aged mice, scientists were able to restore the regenerative potential of muscle and help old rodents heal at up to 80% [...]

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Genetically Engineering Almost Anything

By Marc Beuttler In 1859 Charles Darwin set down his theory of evolution, an idea that revolutionized and continues to challenge science and philosophy. Along the way we adopted and refined Mendel’s genetic studies on pea plants to explain the inheritance of genes in Darwin’s model of natural selection, and a little over 60 years ago, [...]

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Donating a Kidney May Make it Difficult to Change or Initiate Life and Health Insurance

By Abrigul Lutfalieva A new study published in the American Journal of Transplantation suggests that actions by insurers may create unnecessary burden and stress for those choosing to donate and could negatively impact the likelihood of living  kidney donation. The impact of living kidney donation on the ability to change or initiate health or life [...]

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Wait Times on National Organ Transplant Lists are Increasing

In 1989, the number of people on the waiting list for an organ was 16,000; this number has skyrocketed to more than 120,000. This increase is due in part to advancements in medical technology – doctors are better equipped now more than ever to detect cancer and other disorders. Other factors, such as increased longevity, [...]

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Transplant Genomics Inc. Announces Exclusive License to Patent Rights Co-Owned by The Scripps Research Institute and Northwestern University

By Chiru Murage Transplant Genomics Inc. has acquired the rights to what could lead to clinical tests that would drastically improve the care of organ transplant recipients, extending their lives and reducing costs of healthcare. These tests would "use genomic markers of transplant graft status as part of a surveillance program to detect and respond [...]

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Face and Hand Transplants Get Official Policy

By Noushaba T. Rashid There are official rules that govern face and hand transplants. However, just because you may sign up to be an organ donor on your driver’s license does not automatically sign you up to be a face and hand donor. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, which is a nonprofit group under [...]

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The Cyborgs are Coming! US Researchers Reveal Tiny Robot that Walks Using a Strip of Lab-grown Muscle Cells

By Chiru Murage Researchers at the University of Illinois have published in the online Proceedings of the National Academy of Science about a find that could lead to a new generation of biological robots. These tiny robots are the first of their kind to be made up of biological and mechanical parts. They are the [...]

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Cambodian Police Arrest Two Suspects for Human Organ Trafficking

Following a month-long investigation into a case involving the trafficking of five individuals for the purpose of donating kidneys in Thailand, police have two in custody. Yem Asisal and her stepfather, Nhem Phally, were apprehended on Tuesday at their home in Phnom Penh after five of their victims filed complaints, according to the chief of [...]

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