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Pope Francis’ Appointments to Bioethics Board Suggest Progressive Turn

Four notable American ethicists have been appointed by Pope Francis to his bioethics advisory board, and are projected to potentially “temper the group’s conservative views on sexual morality and life issues,” according to the National Catholic Reporter. The group is among 45 international members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, composed of both renewed and newly [...]

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Pharmaceutical Company Removes Opioid Opana from Market Due to Addictiveness

Pharmaceutical company Endo has declared that it will be retracting its opioid Opana ER, a potent and addictive pain medication, from the market in light of a June 2017 FDA withdrawal request. Citing the drug’s “public health consequences of abuse,” the FDA appeal historically marked the first time the administration has cited drug abuse concerns [...]

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Texas Governor Abbott Authorizes Use of Experimental Stem Cell Therapies

The government of Texas has passed a bill permitting clinics statewide to use experimental stem cell therapies on select chronically and terminally ill patients. Signed by Governor Greg Abbott, the legislation is akin to the “right to try” laws that have emerged in other states, and sidesteps FDA regulations that prohibit the marketing of unapproved [...]

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Participants’ Testimonials: GBI Summer School a Smashing Success, (June 19-30), 2017

The GBI Summer School proved to be even better than anticipated or described. As a newcomer to the discipline, I had expected the course to provide a broad overview of topics and speakers. Indeed, while broad, the degree of expertise and timely subject material provided an excellent and comprehensive survey of the discipline in [...]

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Global Bioethics, Human Rights and Public Policy Summer School, Manhattan (June 19-30), 2017 – Field Trips

by Anaeke Paschal Chinonye I am a Ph.D. of Philosophy student at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I am the winner of a partial scholarship, which gave me the possibility to attend this unique and very interesting program organized by GBI. Friday, June, 23 was our first day of field trips at the International Bioethics Summer School. First we [...]

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Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI) Launches its third International Summer School (June 19-30), 2017

June 19, 2017 (New York, NY) - GBI is commencing its third annual International Bieothics Summer School, sponsored by Pace University's College of Health Professions and New York Medical College. Led by experts in the field of Bioethics, professionals and students will experience Global Bioethics, Human Rights & Public Policy in various forms such as film screenings, field [...]

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Canada Today: End-of-Life Stories

In summary, this is a brief article consisting of multiple short stories. They particularly provide perspectives of patients in Canada who have faced end-of-life situations. Based on Catherine Porter’s article, there are various contextual motives behind these patients’ decisions to discontinue treatment or choose euthanasia. However, there is a common, general theme for such clinical [...]

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The Future of Bioethics: Organ Transplantation, Genetic Testing, and Euthanasia

By Ana Lita When you think of bioethics, some of the first hot-button topics you may consider are organ transplantation, fertility and genetic engineering, and end-of-life-care. The Global Bioethics Initiative serves as a platform to address many bioethical questions and engages in public debates to develop resolutions to present and emerging issues. Dr. Ana Lita, founder of the [...]

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“Global Bioethics: An Introduction”- A Reflection on the Globalisation of Bioethics

By: Robyn Perry-Thomas Reaching a consensus on a comprehensive definition of global bioethics and its importance is surprisingly difficult. Yet, Professor Henk Ten Have has taken on this challenge, and much more, with ease, in his 2016 book- ‘Global Bioethics: An Introduction’1. In his book, Have approaches global bioethics in a stepwise manner. Medical ethics [...]

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Using CRISPR for Human Gene Editing – NOT for Designing Babies

By: Ashwini Nagappan Recently, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine published a report on the use of CRISPR technology for gene editing. The need for such a report stems from the controversy of using CRISPR to prevent congenital diseases versus to allow for cosmetic enhancements. Additionally, there is a fear [...]

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