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One Step Closer to Tailored-Made Humans

The researcher and biologist Fredrik Lanner, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, started to edit the DNA of healthy human embryos. This is the first reported action taken in gene editing on developing human embryos in the world; it’s another step onward to ultimately tailor-make a human being. Such procedure is still banned in most [...]

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Drug Prices: What Can Be Done?

In it's latest opinion, Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal, argues that everyday drugs like EpiPen, should be economically affordable to all. After Mylan, the pharmaceutical company and owner of EpiPen, raised the drug's price from $100 in 2008 to $600 this year, it received a series of critics and backlash. This resulted in Mylan offering patients co-payments on the [...]

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Should Big Pharma help combat the Zika virus?

In less than a year, 30 vaccines are in development to help fight the Zika virus; and two of them are already on the human trial phase. Nonetheless, it will take at least a few years until one of them becomes viable to stop the virus from spreading. Astonishingly, only two Pharma giants are pitching [...]

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The Health Care Costs Debate Gets Another Chance

GlaxoSmithKline's new therapy sparks up the health care costs debate With Biotech giant GlaxoSmithKline newly developed cure for "bubble-boy" disease, the health care costs debate gets another chance to take the public arena. The highly priced drug, Strimvelis, is a gene therapy for severe immune deficiency, giving children a chance to live well after the age of 2 [...]

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“Honoring Stories of Illness” – Discussion with Dr. Rita Charon, Narrative Medicine Expert

On July 21, 2016, Dr. Rita Charon, M.D., Ph.D, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and Executive Director of the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University lectured for GBI summer school participants and guests on the principles underlying narrative medicine and the methods employed to help doctors recognize patients and diseases, convey knowledge, and accompany patients through the ordeals of illness. Learn more [...]

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Summer program participants’ testimonials, Manhattan, July 11-22, 2016

In just the first week of the course, I’ve been exposed to world-class thought leaders speaking on critically emerging ethical issues of global impact in ways that transform hypothetical case studies to real-world dilemmas. Nowhere else could I have had the opportunity to engage in provocative dialogue with the Board President of Doctors Without [...]

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Welcoming Reception on July 12th, NYSEC

Successful Launch of the 2nd Edition Global Bioethics Summer Program in Manhattan,  NYC 2016! Interested in getting involved in bioethics? Join Global Bioethics Initiative's summer program organized annually in Manhattan, NYC and Dubrovnik, Croatia, to discuss controversial issues such as embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, gene therapy, human genetic engineering, organ trafficking, euthanasia, and human enhancement, among others. [...]

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Bioethics after Brexit

By Jonathan D. Moreno It is too soon to know how the crisis that has been created by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will play out. But it is worth considering that the field of bioethics has a grave stake in the outcome. Modern bioethics is to a great extent a product of [...]

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Once-Celebrated Surgeon Investigated for Manslaughter

By Genevieve Lewis Once a world renowned and celebrated surgeon, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini (MD, PhD), is being investigated by Swedish prosecutors for the manslaughter of two patients, and two possible counts of causing bodily harm. Dr. Macchiarini became high-demand when he performed the first airway transplant with a team in Barcelona, Spain in 2008 using [...]

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Orlando Massacre Signals a Public Health Crisis

By Genevieve Lewis On June 12th, the worst mass shooting in American history occurred at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people and injuring another 53. In light of this recent tragedy, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared gun violence a “public health crisis.” The president of the AMA, Dr. Steven J. [...]

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